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Looking to flourish? In a time of transition? Then Growth is Your Starting Place.

If your journey to sexual and intimate fulfillment starts with Growth, then much of the following description will fit you. Elements of Healing or Mastery might resonate as well, but neither will fit as comfortably.

You’ve been making do, but you’ve decided an upgrade is in order. At present, your sex life rates somewhere between okay and non-existent. Your sexual history is a collection of good, mediocre and regrettable chapters. Your sexual education included plenty of shame and disinformation, and much less joy, pleasure and fact.

A serious life transition may be complicating matters: an intimate partnership is over or the end is inevitably at hand; you have a new lover and you’re intent on not repeating past mistakes; you have a new child but can’t seem to meld the roles of Mother and Lover; your children have grown up and left; time has changed your body and you can’t do sex like you used to; or, a crisis has shaken longstanding beliefs about intimacy, sex and relationship. Several of these transitions may be affecting you at once.

Attending to the needs and desires of others has left you distanced from your own. You’d like a safe and nurturing space to reconnect with what you really want and need. You’re longing to feel beautiful, desirable and confident in your sexual skills.

You are resourceful and strong, nervous and excited. These challenges are beckoning you to put the past to rest, and start a new era rich with nourishing sexual intimacy.

divider2What does the process look like?

We’ll discuss your sexual history and current situation before moving into any physically intimate activity. The amount of time spent talking depends on you. You might need some time to build trust with me and reflect upon your desires. Or you might be craving intimacy and want to jump right into being sexy and playful.

We’ll definitely do a tune up and some practice around the foundational sensual intimacy skills of communication, boundaries and consent.

Whenever you are ready, sensual massage will become the core of our work and our play. Intimate, yes, but only as intimate as your comfort truly allows. Sensual massage is a fun way to reawaken your desire, shamelessly receive and explore what feels really good to you.

It might also reveal hidden aspects of yourself in need of Healing. Or you may discover that you want to move into more interactive and intimate activities such as those in the Mastery section.