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I’m a man in my 40’s who’s lived a life with many diverse chapters. I’ve been a military officer, a whitewater rafting guide, an environmental activist, a bodyworker and now a Sex and Intimacy Coach. I’ve got an interesting story for sure.

Other aspects of my life are pretty mundane. I value family, friends and relationships. I’m a parent. I’ve experienced my share of the joy and losses that life offers. I readily relate with my clients on everyday human concerns.

I’m intelligent, worldly and sophisticated. Ethics, compassion and reason guide me. I have a strong sense of justice.  I believe, as one of our great Canadian statesmen, Pierre Trudeau, said, “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.”

My work is my passion. I’m on a mission to make sure that any woman who wants to have positive intimate sexual experiences can have them. I deeply appreciate the unique beauty and courage of every woman I meet. I also understand the immense cultural barriers that get in the way of women getting the sex and intimacy they really desire.

I’ve been on this mission for over 15 years. I’ve helped hundreds of clients through my Somatic Sex Education business Massage By Ki – which is still active. I regularly run workshops and seminars. I’m well known and respected in Vancouver.

Through this real life experience, I’ve developed the ability to help my clients define their goals, create a program to reach them, and guide them through it.

I also have a finely tuned intuitive sensitivity.  This allows me to let go of all agendas, respond to what is arising in the moment, and support the organic unfolding of each client’s unique journey. I move easily between structure and improvisation. I know when to lead, follow and wait.

I’m fun and I’ve got a wicked sense of humour. Sex is, after all, one of the few areas where adults are really allowed to play. I have an irrepressibly wild and playful spirit which finds creative expression in sex. I’m also really comfortable with the Awkward Moment. Sex has lots of them.

I have a strong ethics and boundaries which guide my work. They can be summed up as follows.

I value and protect my clients privacy and confidentiality.

I only engage in activities that we both want to do. I call this “Pleasure Based Consent”. Great sex requires both people to be enjoying themselves.

It’s all about you. I wrote a whole piece on that one.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I continue to do my own personal work, so that I can show up for my clients with authenticity, genuine caring and plenty of erotic energy.

divider2Through years of study I’ve developed a comprehensive understanding of the interplay of body, mind, emotion and relationship in regards to sex and intimacy. I’m well equipped with tools to work in all these areas. Here are some of my educational highlights:

2015 – Certified Hakomi Practitioner with the Vancouver Hakomi Network

2014 – Yoga Teacher Certification – 200 hours, with Lidija Maritinovic, The Yoga Wheel, Vancouver

2007-2008 – Touch Like a Pro, Boundaries in the Context of Professional Sexual Touch Training with Dr. Betty Martin, Seattle

2007 – Sexological Bodywork Certification, Institute for Advanced Study in Human Sexuality, San Francisco

2005-2007 – Tantra Instructor’s Certification and a 2 year internship, with Maryse Coté, Ishtara School of Tantra, Vancouver

2004 – Lomi Lomi Massage Certification with Shaeah Fialkow, Vancouver

1990 – Bachelor of Engineering, Honours, Royal Military College, Kingston

divider2And at a lean 6’3″, with a well maintained body, I’m an attractive mature man: