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Thank you for your time, the space that you create, and for being loving, open, and committed to others being freed up from their personal demons. It is very cool and very appreciated.

I learned a lot from our session that has been enromously helpful. THANK YOU!


I have such love and gratitude for your amazing presence in my like. You have offered me a safe place to rest my weary mind from all the trauma healing work I have done. You have offered me a safe place for my fear-filled body to not be afraid. You have helped me replace the “yucky” feelings with “yummy” ones. Because of you, I now know what it means to dwell inside my body, to feel safe inside my body, to not be afraid of the new sensations I experience in and on my body. And because of you, I now know the reality of a sexy butterfly bursting out of her cocoon.



It has been another time of integrating this incredible work that you do. Matthew and I had lots to talk about after our session with you. Thank-you again for your generosity with your time and energy. It was truly amazing. Last night I was able to tell him exactly how and where to touch me until he had the perfect spot, pressure, rhythm, and that magical, undefinable quality that gives one permission to forget which planet one is on as one becomes overcome with sensation.  The work you do has helped directly with me being able to find my voice and my words, and to remain patient and open as he made his way around, cracking the code and completely unlocking me.



it will be exactly 1 week since my visit to your studio.  It took me also exactly this much time to realize what happened in that room maybe the last piece of puzzle to the new changes of my life. the pure physical sensation wasn’t a foreign experience for me, but the love that you were giving, the feeling of being pampered, like a child, of my need to receive love, and your unconditional give .. those tender moments kept coming back to me .. in my dream, in my vision .. i know it’s part of your ‘service’ but i felt you are doing more than just filling in the tasks .. i think i may have started to understand the tantric teaching of pure love energy exchange, with no intention, no judgment, not selfish pleasure but something more profound. I thank you for being a genuine and passionate human being, and i thank myself for trusting in you.  I now understand that i should not settle for less than someone who could truly appreciate me and love me as who i am .. it maybe a difficult mission but it’s worth the wait.  I hope i didn’t express too much to make you feel uneasy.  When i am ready to meet again, you will hear from me.  Meanwhile, just want to let you know that I am doing great and hope you are too.




Thank you for the wonderful session on Friday. It was the most intense physical pleasure I have ever experienced and definitely the best way I have ever celebrated Beltane! I am amazed at what you can do and how my body (and the rest of me) feels. I am so happy to be doing this work with you. You are so kind and gentle and I trust you completely! What a gift. I am happy to be in my body. I like being alive. And I am whole and complete. I have never felt this way before. Just thinking about our session gives me joy. And the icing on the cake is that we do it all in sacred space.

I can hardly wait till next time! Thank you again.



My wife and I had the pleasure of a two hour session with you. You gave a slow and gentle massage to my wife, while I watched. It was one of the most erotic moments of our lives. And in the process I happened to learn a couple of things about my wife’s pleasure zones that I hadn’t suspected.

Thank you.



I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic experience.  I really didn’t know what I expected when I emailed for the appointment, other than I had healed so many parts of my life from sexual abuse… but not the physical part. Until recently I never thought I had a problem with sex as I was very responsive and able to enjoy it. Recently I began noticing some blocks and then I heard about your work and something hit home. Suddenly I needed to experience it.  I honestly didn’t think I would be able to relax, or let a stranger touch me so intimately without tensing up or disassociating. Not only did you help me to relax but you gave me the confidence to let go and let “Yoni do what Yoni does”. And she did it with no embarrassment or shame! It was all acceptance and caring. It was a greatly freeing experience, and I know now what it is that I have been missing from my sexual experiences. The ability to surrender and not hold everything in. To open and let Yoni feel and express her joy.

I am looking forward to more sessions with you!

See you very soon!




THANK YOU for allowing me to explore and to feel the moment both in a mental and spiritual way. I have to let you know that it had been a long time since I so very much enjoyed a laughing orgasm. There are so many kind of orgasms that one can savoir.

Thank you and I look forward to our next session. Be well and Blessings from the Universe,



I wanted to thank you for working with Daniel and I. The session helped me very much. It was one of the first times in my life where I’ve been able to experience the pain of my past experiences and process them safely.  It was a very powerful point in my healing. Since the session, I have ‘found my voice’ in a way… I gained the courage to talk to Daniel about things I wasn’t able to speak before, things that I really, really needed to say. Because of this, we are growing closer and our connection has deepened. I’m very grateful for that. It’s not an easy process, but it is worth it. I’m also able to really face how things have impacted me, instead of minimizing, as I have done in the past.




I can find no words worthy of the space you created for me last week. I, (literally) have never experienced a place of such acceptance, love, warmth, comfort, compassion, caring and nurturing energy in all of my life.  This could have been a sad fact BUT, then I found you. How lucky am I?



I wanted to thank you for yesterday. I was so relaxed and happy for the rest of the day! Your care, warmth and understanding made me feel very at home. I really enjoyed the educational part of our session too, which I would like to expand on.  The main feeling I came away with was how I can actually take control of my own pleasure.  I agree it will create more joy and I can become softer in all the things that I do. I found the breathing to the edge of resistance a magical lesson also. One I can practice ongoing. The orgasm was amazing, I have never experienced that before. You have magic fingers.

 See you soon,




To Ki….with gracious thanks

 To feel so safe and comfortable . to relax and feel allowed to be vulnerable.

I feel like the first day splashing puddles in my new red rubber boots.

like watermelon juice dripping down my bare chest and laughing on a hot summer day.

Feel like wet warm sand between my toes

like champagne tastes

like baby powder smells

like a kiss on the forehead from someone you love when you are little feels.

like the words “i love you” sound when whispered by a cherished one

like the sunrise looks over a still sea

I am not feminine or masculine.

I am Goddess

I feel powerful and at peace.

able and vulnerable

capable and able to recieve with humility.

feel completed yet not finished. Ready to embrace with new wonder and excitement…

i could give or receive pleasure from anyone..

I am able weak and safe and strong and safe

intoxicated and clear

divine and DIVINE and DIVINE

In touch with the earth the moon and the tides… the rain the sun and the wind. heaven reigns inside me with every heartbeat and breath.

when i run my hand through my hair , i am moved

when i feel a breeze on my neck i am moved

with every breath i am moved.

i feel myself feel every breath down to the anus.

i feel it beat in unison with my heart .

I am moved as I read this.

I cry…

You moved me when I could no longer move myself.



I decided to visit Ki after looking at his sight many many times for over a year. Much contemplation went into this decision. Sex to be honest was never something I could endure without feelings of humiliation and fear.  Ki got my consent every step of the way and I was ready and prepared and comfortable and felt very safe with every thing he suggested.  I was prepared to have any emotion and Ki was very kind and patient through tears of sorrow and joy. I was surprised that there was much much more joy than sorrow! I could never have imagined that three small hours of my time would change my life forever. What a blessing and gift.  I would recommend this to anyone at any level of comfort. Ki is there to accommodate wherever you are.  For me it took a large modicum of courage but without a doubt the best investment in myself I could have ever made. Before I even got off of the table I knew my life was changed forever.

– Sj


Thank you Ki. You listen and receive me with complete presence and loving openness and guide me deeply into my breath and body sensations.