The Erosha Sensual Immersion

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Three days of “Play Therapy for Adults”

Feel more confident, beautiful and desirable. Enjoy a sensual, fun, sexy, retreat in Vancouver, Canada.


What is the Erosha Sensual Immersion?

The Erosha Sensual Immersion is three days of one-on-one “play therapy for adults”. Each sensual immersion is custom designed for women who are ready for profound transformation in their sex and intimate life.  The program includes 18 hours of coaching, experiential learning and exquisite sensual play. It all happens in the heart of Vancouver, Canada, a city world renowned for natural beauty.

Who is the Erosha Sensual Immersion for?

The immersion is for women:

  • Who long for passionate intimate connection, exquisite sensual pleasure and a fulfilling sex life.
  • Who are tired of feeling shut down, numb, ashamed, invisible, undesirable, confused and scared about sex and intimacy.
  • Who want to see change quickly and whose busy lives don’t allow for time and energy to be wasted in non-productive efforts.


What brings clients to the Erosha Sensual Immersion?

Many clients who’ve experienced the benefits of the Erosha Sensual Immersion arrive with similar challenging backgrounds around sex and intimacy. Perhaps one or more of the following stories speak to your situation.

  • You yearn for times past when you felt beautiful and desirable, but you’re not sure how to find your way back there.  You’ve taken some serious hits from unhealthy relationships and your confidence has been shaken.  You know there’s a sexy goddess alive inside you somewhere but you need some tender, loving care to find her again.
  • The oppressive and narrow cultural ideal of beauty has left you believing that you are undesirable. Your self-esteem and body image is under constant assault by mass media and maybe even the people in your life. The thought of someone genuinely appreciating, adoring, or even lusting after you, seems impossible (but it’s not!).
  • You have devoted so much time to taking care of others (at home, at work or in the bedroom) that you’ve lost touch with your own desires.  Perhaps you’ve spent decades in the mother role – raising children, running a household and being everyone’s chauffeur.  There’s barely been a moment to catch a breath, nevermind relax into your body, feel it and figure out what you authentically want.
  • You’ve never had the confidence and skills to go out into the world to make sex and intimacy happen.  You’re naturally introverted, shy and maybe even socially anxious.  You’re looking for a fabulous, intimate right of passage to know that you’re fundamentally ok and capable of putting yourself out there.
  • You are carrying the emotional wounds of past sexual trauma.  Fate and the patriarchy have not been kind to you.  But you’re a survivor, and so much more than the abuse that has been unjustly inflicted upon you.  You need a place that is safe to feel a wide range of emotions and where intimacy evolves in a measured way, under your control, so that you can cautiously feel your way back into your sexiness.
  • You are in a long-term relationship where the passion has died. You’ve tried to resurrect it, but your partner just isn’t game. There’s so much water under that bridge. You have good reasons to stay in the relationship, and you don’t want to hurt your partner; but, you need some fun and excitement for yourself so you can feel your pulse again. You crave a playground where you can creatively explore your desires on your own terms, in a way that’s shamelessly selfish, but that’s also safely contained and discreet, so that your life isn’t thrown into chaos.

You may resonate with one or several of these situations or you may have your own unique history. Whatever your challenges, gifts and goals may be, the Erosha Sensual Immersion will bring about radical transformation for you in the realm of sex and intimacy.

How will your life be changed after the Erosha Sensual Immersion?

Clients regularly report many dramatic positive changes after completing the Erosha Sensual Immersion. Here’s some of them, many that you will experience yourself:

  • You will feel strongly connected to your sexy self and feel more creative, beautiful and alive.
  • You will show up in every relationship in your life with more confidence. Your friends, family and colleagues will notice the difference.
  • You will develop a repertoire of proven sex and intimacy skills that will power up your dating, make new relationships even hotter and even revitalize long-term relationships.
  • You will have the ability to experience sensual pleasure and feel sexy with the body you have right now.
  • You will be able to tune into the wisdom of your body and express your authentic desires with clarity and charm.
  • You’ll have a new appreciation and love for your body, as it is right now, without having to change it all.
  • You will learn an advanced sensual touch vocabulary and fluency to share with lovers.
  • Your personal boundaries will have greater definition and strength.
  • Your powerful “No” and “Yes” will get you want you want and end your days of enduring lousy touch and sex.
  • You will be able to give and receive exquisite touch.
  • Without even trying, you will have more flirtatious energy directed your way.
  • People who found you invisible before will start to notice you.
  • You will learn how to be ‘selfish’ in a way that makes your sex life way hotter for yourself and your partners.
  • You will manifest, in real life, fantasies and desires that you may have lived only in your imagination for years. You’ll have the skills and confidence to make even more exciting and juicy desires come to life.

These are only a few possibilities. Clients are continually delighted and surprised with the many unexpected gifts that this work brings.

What are the special advantages of the Sensual Immersion format?

In three words: efficiency, depth and customized attention.

How does the Erosha Sensual Immersion compare to talk therapy?

You can easily spend years in talk therapy trying to overcome the mental and emotional barriers to a fulfilling sex life. Many clients who have completed the Erosha Sensual Immersion have done exactly that. There is certainly a place for talk therapy; but, because of the practical nature of sex and intimacy, talk therapy can only take you so far. You wouldn’t expect to learn how to play a musical instrument or learn to dance by talking – you actually have to practice. In the Immersion, we put practice, play and fun first.  That’s what gives such dramatic, rapid results.

And as they say –  a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. You’ll have plenty of sugar – the learning is interesting and playful. You’ll discover new strengths about yourself in three of the most pleasure-filled days of your life.

Another advantage of the immersive environment is that it removes the distractions of your regular life.  It has the power, intensity and momentum needed to break through self-limiting habits and beliefs, so that you can actually have a real life experience of your ultimate dreams and desires.

How does the Erosha Sensual Immersion compare to group workshops?

Sexuality workshops often include valuable practical exercises.  However, you don’t get the sort of one-on-one focused attention that you will receive in your own personalized immersion. The variety and depth of intimate experiences that are available in the Erosha Immersion are not found in any group workshop. Exploring your sexuality in a group context is also not for everyone, particularly if you are a naturally private person or have a painful sexual history.  Most people feel safer to go deeper into their process in a one-on-one environment.  Finally, workshops are directed toward a wide range of people which means there will be time wasted on practices which simply don’t address your unique concerns or desires.

Unlike other educational and therapeutic modalities, the sensual immersion will give you rapid, personalized transformation through deeply pleasurable practices.

Why work with me?

Within the field of experiential sex and intimacy coaching, there are few practitioners in the world who can offer the same integrity, breadth of experience, education and record of success that I offer my clients.  I’ve taught widely acclaimed public workshops and classes on sex and intimacy for well over a decade in Vancouver. I am often invited to speak at universities and colleges.  My solid reputation means that leading sex therapists in Vancouver regularly refer clients to me who are looking for breakthroughs in their sexual well-being. I’m constantly doing my own personal work and upgrading my education in this rapidly evolving field. My work is supported by my training and certifications in somatic sex education, sexological bodywork, hakomi counseling (body-based psychotherapy), yoga and tantra.

This work is desperately needed in these times and I have a passion for it. I bring a playful, friendly and personal yet professional attitude to my work that immediately puts my clients at ease, and supports them in exploring often challenging or awkward aspects of their lives, in a way that is tender and kind.

Where does the Sensual Immersion happen?

The Erosha Sensual Immersion is held in a comfortable private studio, in the heart of downtown Vancouver. There may also be times when we play in your hotel and I can recommend several good ones close to my studio.

The neighbourhood – the Westend – is safe, beautiful, culturally diverse and welcoming. It’s right next to several beaches, the seawall and Stanley Park. It’s a world renowned tourist destination.  There’s easy access to the international airport and ferries.

Everything you need, or want – restaurants, shopping, cafes, gyms, yoga studios, nature and tourist attractions – is within easy walking distance or transit so you can forget about the stress of driving.

Depending on your learning goals and desires, your immersion may include accompanied sensual adventures in Vancouver like exploring the natural splendor of the city, or fun dates to great restaurants, shows and sexy shops.

What does the flow of the Erosha Sensual Immersion look like?

The practices and activities in your Immersion are custom tailored based on your unique needs and desires.  You will be offered a menu of select sensual experiences, many of which are described in the Healing, Growth and Mastery sections on The beauty of sensual intimacy is also about connecting with what is real in the present moment and letting the mystery unfold, so there will be plenty of unstructured time for that too.

We will have an initial phone call to get acquainted before you arrive in Vancouver so I can get a feel for your starting point, particular challenges, concerns and goals. You’re welcome of course to ask as many questions as you like. It’s normal to feel a bit nervous and cautious.

No matter what your ultimate goals are, we’ll always begin with some important foundational practices. These activities focus on the areas of: consent, boundaries, communication, mindfulness, embodiment and connecting with your authentic desires.  These elements are universal key ingredients for all kinds of great sensual play. In practicing them we’ll also be getting to know each other and building a strength of relating that will serve us well with more intimate play.

The Immersion is a journey that progresses and evolves in a measured, incremental way from less intimate to more intimate play, guided by your goals and desires, and in response to whatever arises from moment to moment. The journey is quite similar for everyone at the start, but can diverge into many different directions as you move into more Mastery-type play and explore your desires and fantasies.

How fast and how far you go is extremely personal and unique.

Consider me your well traveled guide and playful co-conspirator. I’ll invite you to visit new and fun places and give you the friendly support you need to be bold and daring.

What does the schedule of the Immersion look like?

The three days are scheduled consecutively at a time that works for both you and myself.

The 18 hours of one-on-one immersion time are divided into multiple sessions varying from 2 to 8 hours long with breaks in between for rest, integration and enjoying your time in Vancouver. The exact scheduling will be custom designed to meet your unique needs and desires.

Generally, we’ll schedule three 2-hour sessions on the first day, with breaks in between.  At the end of the first day, we’ll determine the schedule for the remaining days.

The Guarantee

I have worked with hundreds of clients and seen radical transformation in their sex lives, body image and sense of self-worth.

I’m so confident in the transformative power of this work that I guarantee that, by the end of your Erosha Sensual Immersion, you will feel radically more confident, beautiful, desirable, alive and sexy; or, I will refund your investment in full.


The investment for the Erosha Sensual Immersion is:

$2000 (+5% gst) for 18 hours of one-on-one session time over three days.

$2500 (+5% gst) for the above plus an additional 5 hours integration coaching either in person or via phone or skype.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required so that I can reserve 3 days just for you. The remaining 50% is due at the start of your Immersion. If for some reason your plans change and you need to change the dates, your deposit will be good for 1 year. A re-booking fee of $100 will apply.

How to Make Your Erosha Sensual Immersion Happen or Get More Information

It’s easy. Just contact me via the form on the contact page. Or call me at 604-618-3381.